Why an iPhone?


I recently met a friend over a cup of coffee and I couldn’t help notice his iPhone 6 with its cracked glass. Curiosity took over me and I blurted out why he would use an iPhone of all the Androids in the market, even though he was a techie not so long ago? So, why do people like an iPhone? A question of much  interest among the Android users arises from time to time, what is it that makes iPhone alone a serious competition to a wide range of Android phones? And of course those who want to take the plunge into the world of iOS would ask, why.

Many iPhone users will say that they just love the iPhone, not why they love it not why they prefer it, just that they love it. What can one say, lets move on to other things eh?

Its easy! Android lovers should give it to Apple, they make their products simple to use, they make certain choices for people who would be least bothered about spending time to find their likes and dislikes. One example which comes to mind is the keyboard, Apple introduced custom keyboards starting only iOS 8! Another thing probably is that for most stuff there is only one way to do it, so its easy and its simple! For those who are not technology oriented, just want it to work and at the same time is simple look no further!

As @FocusedQueen says there is no one thing but its simple!


Some People simply love the Camera and we agree! The camera of an Apple iPhone beats the hell out of flagship Android phones, probably Samsung S6 is the only real challenge right now.




Then people love the iMessage app in US and there is a serious number of people who just can’t get over iMessage. To understand why iMessage is so popular, ask yourself why Whatsapp is so popular. The answer lies in messaging without paying extra when you already pay for data, add to that group chats,  sharing pics,  sending videos, voice notes etc.. In US iMessage works exactly like Whatsapp which is associated with your phone number, however iMessage is not so popular in many other countries because most people are already on Whatsapp and many don’t use iPhone. Lest we forget, US is one of the biggest market for Apple.
Let’s see what some users have to say




Another reason people buy iPhone is FaceTime and Siri, these applications are slick and work well.  Siri is very well integrated with the phone OS (Operating System) which is why people find it increasingly useful. Apple rarely puts apps which do not work well or have nagging bugs, thier apps work well cause apps are tested for devices with uniformity in hardware. Compare with Android and the hardware is different in almost all phones which hampers the testing by app developers. Also iPhones are well supported for OS upgrades unlike so many other Andorid phones which see very few updates in its lifetime. Of course not to mention a great customer support!

However, It comes with its own problems though 😀

The risk of using it without covers


The cracked screen is the single biggest complain users talk about. No matter how tough the iPhones are made the screen cracks rather frequently. Other annoyances include charger cable compatibility and not able to text free to Android users 🙂

In short there are many plus for iPhone due to which people prefer them over other phones but it certainly has withstood the onslaught of Android devices with better hardware specs and benchmarks. A non techie / normal user will hardly consider the so many features of Android. An iPhone user hence will find iPhone more value for his money and hey my friend, I spoke about with a cracked iPhone, bought it for the ‘snob’ factor! Get that!



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