10 Best Android phones to buy in India


As we keep updating you with the latest of phones in the Indian market coming from our homemade companies and the international ones, we decided to compile a list of top 10 android smartphones today in India which will be a combination of International and Indian based smartphones. These best of 10 android phones will give you an insight as to what to buy, when you go out to order one, today in India. This list also will give you a quick preview of these phones and why they are one of the hundreds of smartphones being sold in India.


10. LG Optimus Vu P895 – This unusually designed phone from LG was really something first of it’s kind in terms of it’s size and structure. The Optimus Vu apart from being the first phone in the International market to come with a quad-core processor it also was one of them to have the Nvidia’s Tegra 3 chipset. The phone being just the one of it’s kind in terms of dimensions didn’t strike too well with the consumers, it niether has got a JellyBean upgrade yet and also it’s price has been about 27k which is a bit of disappointment given that our own homemade phones are on JellyBean and many other phones in same price range are a better choice to buy makes it a difficult option to take. But, if you really want something which looks very different from other phones, then this is one phone you should buy.

9. Zen Ultraphone 701 HD – I know that you must be puzzled to why the Zen Ultraphone 701 HD is at this position and was at the top of our homemade phones in our previous article. Well, the reasons are many. First, it comes with Android 4.2 JellyBean which most of the phones even in the world market fail to even promise. Second, the price obviously makes it a great buy with being priced at Rs 11,999 which is much cheaper than the Micromax Canvas A116 HD, the dual-sim support and good enough front camera which is also a failure in many of the phones. But, the only drawback known is the internal memory of 4GB, apart from which it yet has any genuine complaints.

8. LG Optimus 4X HD - This phone has literally been an underdog of the best ones in the market. Probably, the lack of marketing may have led to not popularising the LG Optimus 4X HD well enough at the right time. But, with a 16 GB internal memory expandable to 64 GB, a 1080p video recording and a Nvidia Tegra 3 chipset makes it a really good buy. But, there are issues, it still has the old Ice cream sandwich with no sight of JellyBean, and with being priced at close to INR 28k makes it easily fall at the lower side of the competition as many top notch devices are offering great deals and better featurd devices. The phone may die soon in India market, so if you are looking to buy this you better do it fast.

7. Samsung Galaxy S3 - The very much adored and one of the highest selling phones sure deserves a place in this list. The Samsung Galaxy S3 apart from being the first one to bring the magic of quad-core processing and Gorilla Glass 2 also brought in a whole bunch of amazing applications which none of the device manufacturers have worked hard enough on. Not to miss on the price, with the cashback offers on Flipkart this phone can be bought for almost less than INR 26k which is still a good buy. But, the issues are with the camera, which has been proved to not have the best of all camera for that processing capability and also after being for so long in the market, it is yet to get being the latst Android 4.2 JellyBean to it’s consumers.

6. Samsung Galaxy Note II - The biggest smartphone in the International market, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is one amazing phone. Equipped with an S-Pen, the phone with it’s impressive 5.5 inch display successfully succeeded the Galaxy Note. With it’s quad-core processing capabilities it really could do some amazing processing of applications like Smart Stay, Smart rotate and many more. The phone also has an impressive improvement in sharpness though it took a dip in the pixel density. The things which stopped it from going higher in our list were the lack of the Gorilla Glass display even though S3 was offered with the Gorilla Glass 2. Then the overly larger display which has made it difficult for the consumers to go with it, making it not an easy divice to be portable. The last complaint we have as we had for S3 is the non-availability of the JellyBean 4.2 which again makes it a bit more disappointing apart from being quite an expensive device to buy.

5. HTC One X+ -  Well, we really loved the HTC One X+ for it’s Beats Audio sound enhancement which brings you a greater experience in music where most of the Android devices overlook to, the Gorilla Glass 2 display, a beautiful HTC Sense UI v4.0 which brings in loads of appreciation from consumers for HTC’s UI team, Internal memory of 64 GB and finally, a Quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 chipset. With the only problem being the battery of this phone, all the other features make this phone such an exciting buy that it really is an easy decision to get this for just about INR 30k.

4. LG Optimus G E975 - The best LG device present in the Indian market, the LG Optimus G sure can impress you with it’s quality and specifications. The Gorilla Glass 2, it’s latest LG Optimus UI v3.0, an amazing 13 MP rear camera, an excellent build quality and the 1.5 GHz quad-core Krait also called the Snapdragon S4 Pro, makes it a a really top of the end model to be bought. The drawbacks are it’s common problem of lower battery life,  the low ppi/pixel density being lesser than the best devices in the market, a slightly expensive buy than the others and no sight of Android 4.2 JellyBean. With the stocks decreasing day after day, you should really soon consider buying this phone if it impresses you.

3. HTC Butterfly X920D DLX - To hit into the top 3 phones in our list is the HTC Butterfly which is a powerful phone which comes with a price for you. This crazily priced phone at almost INR 46k does try hard to prove as to why it has been such an expensive buy. The Beats Audio, Gorilla Glass 2, a Snapdragon S4 quad-core Krait processor and a soon to get Android 4.2 upgrade are the only good features of the phone apart from it’s great HTC Sense UI v4.0. The phone fails to provide a great camera with still stuck to 8 MP where all the best ones have moved on to 13 MP ones with better resolutions to offer. The phone is perfect, but it still doesn’t justify for the price it is being sold for in India for close to Rs 46,000. The next phones in the list will tell you a to why you don’t have to pay such a hefty price for any Android based smartphone today.

2. Sony Xperia Z, ZL - The runner-up undoubtedly is the fairly recently launched Sony Xperia Z and ZL. As both of them have a very few differences we decided to keep them both at the same position and not waste a rank in the list for such minimal differences. This beautifully built phone comes with a rich pixel density of 441 ppi which is the best in the market, shatter proof  scratch resistant glass for both and the Sony Xperia Z also additionally being water and dust resistent with officially getting a IP57 certification. It also comes with a enriched 13 MP rear camera of 4128×3096 pixels resolution and 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 Krait processor, which are again the best of features in the market. With the LTE support and soon to come Android 4.2 JellyBean to the devices, it really makes it a tempting buy in the high-end and best of smartphones in the market. With slight differences in the spec sheet, the Xperia Z and ZL are priced at close to INR 39k and 36K respectively.

1. Samsung Galaxy S4 I9502 -  Without a single doubt in our mind, the best Android phone in the Indian market is this oct-core beast, the Samsung Galaxy S4 i9502 which has the best specifications today in the market. As we need to be proud of being one of the few markets to have got the Galaxy S4 model with Exynos 5 Octa 5410 chipset, we also should be proud to have it coming with the latest Andorid 4.2.2 JellyBean which none of them have come with (except for our homemade Zen Ultraphone 701 HD). It’s amazing 13 MP camera with tricks of Dual Shot, dual-video recording, dual video call capability, simultaneous HD video and image recording and a wireless chargin support  makes you a proud owner of the best smartphone available in the world. Many may speculate that it isn’t worth to pay Rs 41,500. Well, but after seeing these unlimited features which we actually haven’t covered in detail which includes applications like Smart stay, Smart pause, Smart scroll and air gestures also which are as impressive as the specifications we really feel that it is perfectly reasonable for Samsung to give you this phone after breaking the 40k barrier. Well, when HTC can sell you a much less capable phone for 46k then why cannot Galaxy S4 give you a phone for 5k lesser and with much more amazing capabilities plus specifications.

These are the list of 10 best phones available in the Indian market for you to go out there to buy. We hope we cleared out your doubts when you go on to buy the best android phone out there. Please do write in to how you feel about this review and how it helped you buy yours.


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Deepak Bhasin

Deepak is an editor at Phonemaya who is a web enthusiast with an experience on Android and Linux based devices to give you a better judgement and provide you with your daily dose of news and articles. Reach me out at: deepaknsam@gmail.com
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About Deepak Bhasin

Deepak is an editor at Phonemaya who is a web enthusiast with an experience on Android and Linux based devices to give you a better judgement and provide you with your daily dose of news and articles. Reach me out at: deepaknsam@gmail.com