Android reaches One Billion shipments in one year

Google’s Android reaches One Billion shipments within one year, and is the first smartphone OS to do so. According to the research, Asian markets like India, China and Indonesia played a major role in increasing smartphone shipments last year and will continue probably continue to do so in 2015. by



NVIDIA based Tegra X1 chipset debuts at CES

NVIDIA has gone on to launch their successor of the Tegra K1 SoC today. NVIDIA based Tegra X1 chipset was announced today at their CES kick-off event. The Tegra X1 or the TX1 utilizes Maxwell GPUs to offer double the performance of the currently available Kepler based SoCs.  by


AMD tablet chip development halts, increases focus on PC market

AMD has gone on to rethink their tablet chip development plans, as the company saw a drop in their quarterly earnings. Kevin Lensing, senior director for mobility solutions at AMD said that, ”The tablet market is in a price battle and profit margins for chip makers are minuscule.” The statement definitely makes sense for AMD as […]