Apple launches the latest version of iPad

Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook officially announced the latest version of iPad, which is the first device launch after the demise of Steve Jobs. First, lets get into the upgrades and changes done with respect to its predecessor.

  • First time an Apple device has a 4G LTE capability.
  • A HD Retina Display.
  • A 5MP Camera with resolution of 1080p@30frames per second.
  • An A5x 1GHz quad-core processor.
  • A resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels which is 4 times than that of iPad 2.




               The Company announced the launch date as March 16 in US and the device will come at a price range of $499-$829. The quad-core processing power instantly came as a shockes to other tablet makers like Samsung. The new iPad is 9.4 millimeters thick which is slightly thicker than the iPad 2 which is 8.8 millimeters. This also makes it capable of letting users have an experience of high-end 3D games on the tablet. Apple also claims the picture resolution of the new IPad to be so crisp and clear, that it will appear sharper than the words in print. The 5 MP iSight camera is made for full HD video recording. It comes in with a newer version of iMovie which lets the user to record and edit full HD movies on the screen. The iPhoto app gives the flexibility of photo editing to users on the screen with features like red-eye reduction, various filters for coloring, lighting and cropping. Apple also announced the new model of Apple TV set-top box during the launch.


             This also comes as a good news for buyers of Apple iPad 2 in India, as the Apple will be slashing the price by about $100 that is around Rs 5000, which will lead the price to come down to Rs 24,500 only, which is a great price for a tablet of this caliber. This may actually come in heavily onto the Android tablets which are quite expensive these days and aren’t being taken seriously. Tablets like Transformer Prime being priced at Rs 50k is a bit over the board for a tablet. So, if Apple comes down on it’s price a bit on it’s latest version of iPad, then it surely will have a lot of buyers in India who will be ready to dump the idea of buying an Android tablet. The price fall for iPad 2 itself shows the interest of competing with the present tablet market in India. Whereas, the new ipad may launch predictably within the time-span of a maximum of 2 months from the official launch day i.e  if we compare it with the time-gap for the iPad 2 to come to India from the offical launch date. Android tablet makers soon also have to deal with Windows tablets which will be launched soon too. So, what would you like to go while choosing a high-end tablet? The new iPad or the Transformer Prime?