Top Ten must have Android Apps on your smartphone

Top-Ten-must-have-Android-AppsWe kept looking out for days, as to how to write an article which can benefit at it’s best to every person having an Android smartphone. Finally, we came out with an idea to create a list of top ten must have Android Apps on your Android smartphone which are not just in terms of the most wanted apps for a user, but also can be very handy at times of crisis. We obviously aren’t going to include the default Google related applications which anyways come on most of the Android smartphones today.

1. Google Keep – We all have an urge to note down when we find an important info we might be looking for out of nowhere or have some random tasks to do in the day which we can scrib on a piece of paper. Well, Google Keep is just a perfect app for all of us. It will quickly help you note down something important like we do on our Notepads on Desktops. But, this is even more useful, as it comes with setting up that scribbled work to be done as a reminder for you with also the option of feeding the location as to where it is needed to be done. So, next time you have to throw that garbage on a Thursday night and you forgot, you can surely set that simple task on your advanced version of notepad called Google Keep.

2. Whatsapp - This is one of the most famous free messaging apps today which obviously uses your Wifi, EDGE or 3G connection to send Messages, Photos, Videos and also Voice notes for free. The only catch is that you need to pay $0.99/year after using this app for free. As it uses the phone numbers to communicate with people, it makes it easier to maintain contacts as it can be picked up from your local smartphone contacts to interact with your friends. It also supports creating of your own personal groups which can help you chat as a group by naming it specifically. With more than 100 million people using this app and also with the ability to support iOS, Windows and Blackberry phones too, you surely won’t miss any of your friends with a smartphone having this free messaging service.

3. Yahoo Weather – This is one of the most beautifully designed app with perfect amount of information for a common man who is worried of how the weather would be throughout the day. This app which has a great UI comes with beautiful images which match your location, time of the day and the current weather too. The core features include a Detailed weather information, including a 10-day and 24-hour temperature forecasts, Interactive radar, satellite, heat, and wind maps. Severe weather alerts, Animated sunrise & sunset times, wind & pressure modules, Humidity sensor, UV index, and chance of precipitation. With so much of usefull information in there, you wouldn’t ever want to miss on this useful app when you go out on a trip next time.

4. CamScanner - What would you do, if you suddenly need to take print of something but you cannot, as you do not have a printer obviously always with you? The answer is this amazingly simple, but efffective app named CamScanner. The CamScanner app lets you take an image of a document you may want to fill or need to mail or need to take a print of it sometime later and help you use it. It perfectly crops the image in the way you want, in the angle you want and convert it into a perfect PDF file format which you can later use to either print or send it to someone. With an app like this, you may never need to scan anything ever again by paying those hefty price outside or by buying a scanner, and hence gives you the power of a mobile scanner in your hands.

5. JuiceDefender – You must be wondering sometimes as to how to use up that every single electron juice in your phone without wasting it and make your smartphone work for a little longer time than usual. Well, after going through a lot of power saving apps, we found JuiceDefender doing the best job. This app provides you with preset profiles which can make you save the juice depending upon the kind of features you would like to play with or disable. Apart from providing balanced, aggressive, extreme and advanced modes, it also lets you customise your way of saving the battery juice. It helps automate Wifi/3G/EDGE connection based on the need, Smarter brightness control,  a simple user interface and also letting you schedule connectivity by for example letting Wifi work only at home and office.

6. Download Copyleft music MP3 – We all must have come across those times when we suddenly remember an old song and we keep humming it, but also know as a smartphone user that it would be a pain to search for a song over the internet by taking lot of pain over the browser. This amazing app can actually find you every song you have ever heard in your life, and trust us, we actually were blown off by the kind of huge music collection this app brings to us. Most of the so-called apps claiming to do the same, actually fail terribly at most of the songs you try to search for. But, this app literally kept it’s word. With a simple user interface and a quick search engine to bring you the song you love this app wins every music lovers heart.

7. ES File Explorer – This is one of those geeky apps you will need when you are home and would hate to roam around with your laptop or an immovable Desktop everywhere to access a particular data. Well, the ES File Explorer not only lets you access the files within your smartphone in a neat way, but also lets you access files over the network using your Wireless LAN over Wifi. Once you have given permissions on your Laptop/Desktop to share certain drive or files, ES File Explorer would flawlessly bring you the files over Wifi. The File Explorer also comes bundled with a decent media player which would let you play your movies over the LAN.

8. Instagram – The app which was bought home by Facebook last year for 1 Billion US Dollars, made every photo enthusiasts having a smartphone go crazy. Instagram is free, comes with tonnes of custom designed filters, linear & radial tilt-shift effects for extra depth of field and instant sharing on all social networking sites. All these features makes it’s fans go frenzy over their own taken pics and give that perfect effect they always wanted to give to every pic they clicked.

9. Flashlight – Though we may find this app not something great to be mentioned of, but at pitch dark places this simple app comes in form of a boon to anyone groping dangerously in the dark. The Flashlight has a simple interface to use your camera LED to turn into a highly effective light source. Especially, for people in our country, where there are regular power outages, this app surely can be used to find our way out of darkness.

10. Where’s My Droid – As we all when we buy a smartphone, we surely want to treasure it with us for life as it makes our life easier to live. Hence, we tried to find the best protection app for you to save your smartphone from being lost. Where’s my Droid comes with some very useful mobile tracking features like finding a phone by making it ring or vibrate even if it is in silent mode, finding the phone using GPS location, passcode protection for unauthorised app changes and provides notification of changed SIM card or phone number.The Pro version additionally takes random pictures with device’s camera, you can remotely lock the device or wipe SD card or wipe out phone data and also proividing customzable ringtone when it’s lost.


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Deepak Bhasin

Deepak is an editor at Phonemaya who is a web enthusiast with an experience on Android and Linux based devices to give you a better judgement and provide you with your daily dose of news and articles. Reach me out at:
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About Deepak Bhasin

Deepak is an editor at Phonemaya who is a web enthusiast with an experience on Android and Linux based devices to give you a better judgement and provide you with your daily dose of news and articles. Reach me out at: