Asus to bring Google Nexus 7 in November to India

Nexus 7At a press conference in Bengaluru, Asus India announced the launch of Google Nexus 7 in India coming by the end of next month. With reports coming in of the 3G version of Google Nexus 7 in works, it makes sense as to why Google hasn’t launched the Nexus 7 in India. The 7-inch tablet which has created waves for it’s power and price in the US comes with Nvidia’s Tegra 3 quad-core processor, IPS display, 1GB RAM, WiFi (as of present model) Android 4.1 aka Jelly Bean.

                                                                 The Wifi only enabled Nexus 7 makes sense to not be suitable for Indian market, and only the 3G version would make at of sense for the people to go for the tablet. Unfortunately, Asus as of now didn’t mention any price details for this tablet, but sure it’s satisfying to confirm the best tablet in the maret to be available in India unlike the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which finally failed to make an arrival in India after months of speculation. This did disappoint us and hence made it quite possible for the Google Nexus 7 to not arrive in the Indian market.